About Dusel

Precise manufacturing & High qualuty components

All Dusel shower enclosures are produced utilizing latest production routines and machinery. Extensive investments into production facilities, quality testing and employee training have created a solid basis for our business. Foresighted planning means that Dusel is ready for future challenges and increasing demand.

Each of the three major component groups: glass, profiles and hardware are being manufactured on their own purpose built manufacturing facilities. After being carefully inspected, high quality tempered glass, numerous styles of aluminum profiles in a range of different finishes and durable hardware come together in the packing and delivery area.

Certified Quality

Dusel showers are designed to exceed the expectations of our customers and users. All of our products are carefully designed, manufactured and tested. Our products comply with all numerous international standards. Certificates are not a major achievement for us, they are rather the minimum requirements that we strive to exceed in all production processes.
Dusel shower enclosures are CE certified in accordance with EN 14428: 2004 + A1: 2008. Suppliers are carefully selected to evaluate quality that meets all standards. Only components that meet our high quality standards can be part of Dusel products.


Over decades, German engineered products have been considered the benchmark in the technology and quality. German products have been engineered to simply work perfectly. The constant drive to improve on the status quo and craft better engineered products created a powerful, world famous image.

At Dusel we embrace this tradition of never being content with the present status in all our business activities. We design, manufacture and distribute shower enclosures to an international audience. Dusel stands for innovative design, focus on quality and integrity. Ever since the very first day all of our business activities have been built on three columns: innovation, quality and people.


We create products that meet the needs, requirements and expectations of our customers. We communicate with our customers and listen to their suggestions and wishes. All our products are manufactured in-house. This guarantees short distances, quick feedback and allows us to quickly introduce new ideas and models to the market.


Dusel showers will work for a long time, because were developed, designed and tested with the highest quality. Our team has a strict quality policy, in accordance with which all our activities are measured. For us, quality is not only quality products, but much more. This is absolute customer satisfaction in everything: service, delivery and quality of the product itself.


The secret to our success is the people who create our product. A huge team of people, consisting of experienced managers, creative designers, skilled engineers and motivated workers. They are the heart of Dusel. Our strength and knowledge are aimed at creating products that delight the most important people: our customers.


Dusel manufacturingPrecision Drilling
Dusel manufacturingAutomated Aluminum Anodizing
Dusel manufacturingHand polishing
Dusel manufacturingGlass Grinding
Dusel manufacturingGlass Tempering
Dusel manufacturingPrecision Glass Edge Grinding

Quality Management

Dusel manufacturing Salt Spray testing

Bathrooms are usually very humid. Therefore, the metal products that are there are highly susceptible to corrosion. That is why Dusel shower enclosures undergo special tests to facilitate salt spray tests. These tests significantly accelerate metal corrosion, which allows us to simulate the product's service life for ten or more years in a relatively short period of time.

Dusel manufacturing Fatigue Testing

Showers are a functional product that is often in use. Dusel takes a very responsible approach to the issue of product strength. Door hinges, sliding door rollers and door folding mechanisms have been comprehensively tested for fatigue.

Dusel manufacturing Water leak test

The main task of showers is to prevent water leakage. Extensive testing for each model of our product ensures that each product fulfills this key task. We use the results of these tests to create new, modern, thin and simply elegant shower cabins without compromising any functional characteristics.

Dusel manufacturing Tempered Glass Testing

When it comes to glass for our showers, we have no compromise with quality. Each piece of glass used in Dusel shower enclosures complies with all European BS6206-A standards. Our test engineers check the glasses on each badge to ensure that our products are fully compliant with current quality standards.