Dusel Shower Enclosures

German engineered products that have been considered the benchmark in technology and quality.

Innovation in every detail

We are always thriving to improve ourselves, our products and the support we provide to our customers.

Top quality

High quality for us is not just words.


We set ourselwes a strict quality policy against which we measure all our activities. For as quality is a broader concept than purely products of high quality. We see customer satisfaction and service quality as integral parts of our quality approach.

Our Series

Dusel dl series

Deluxe Series

Deluxe Series shower enclosure feature ultra-slim top and bottom profiles. Easy installation and Easy Cleaning.

Dusel a5 series

A5 Series

The A5 shower enclosure series features parallel sliding doors, quick release rollers and solid glide rails.

Dusel a6 series

A6 Series

The A6 shower enclosure series features hidden screws and elegant decoration covers for the vertical bars.

Dusel a7 series

A7 Series

Elegant vertical decoration covers and strong top mount arms allow for a design without horizontal profiles.

Dusel a9 series

A9 Series

The A9 shower enclosure features decorative frame covers with hidden screw heads.

Dusel a11 series

A11 Series

The A11 shower enclosure features decorative frame decoration covers. FAST & EASY installation

Dusel da series

DA Series

Freestanding Dusel bathtubs incorporate modern design, ergonomic shapes and attention to detail.

Dusel d series

Easy Plumb Series

Each model integrates precise manufacturing, durability and high quality finish.

Dusel ef series

Easy Fit Series

Experience and extensive engineering that is embodied in this series of shower enclosures.

Dusel sp series

Shower Panels

Exclusive modern design and German quality embodied in this series of our products.

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Debugged manufacturing

In all our business activities we embrace our core values:

Quality: We manufacture high quality and durable products.
Integrity: We are real and stand by our world.
Dedication: We belive in our mission and pursue the best possible results.
Passion: We love what we are doing.
Innovation: We constantly question and improve.

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